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Entrepreneur magazine’s Project Grow presented by Sprint Business

As a supporter of small businesses worldwide, Sprint Business is excited to sponsor Entrepreneur magazine’s Project Grow, an online collection of articles and videos curated for small business owners. Here are some highlights.


How Sprint Business works for small business

At Sprint Business, we champion entrepreneurs and small businesses. Your vision, tenacity and agility inspire us. And you’re some of our very best customers. That’s why we create special offers just for you. And it’s why we come up with tech solutions for the challenges you face every day. Learn about how we help you spend less and innovate more, so you can grow faster.


Elevator Pitch: watch the latest episodes from season two

Which contestant will successfully pitch their idea to a panel of judges and win funding for their business? Tune in to see.


Watch the latest

Future of Business Webinar

As a leader, what changes will have the most impact on your business and how can you best prepare to meet—and take advantage of—these challenges now?  In this webinar, technology leaders discuss the technologies of today and tomorrow, and how they might revolutionize the way we do business.


Check out Sprint’s IoT Factory and what Ivo Rook, Sr. VP of the Internet of Things, is creating with his team, to assist businesses of all sizes.


Solving challenges for small business

The small business tech check

Ready to grow? Take the test now.


The Agile Business Manifesto

Three big ideas to help you grow your business without losing your soul


IoT talk: what the Internet of Things means for your small business


Perfecting the pitch

You never know when you’ll need to grab the opportunity to pitch your product or business — and you need to be prepared to do it in one minute.

Here are some pointers.

The connection

Paul Leake, CEO of VerteCore, discusses the importance of staying connected with customers.

The idea

Olympic gold and bronze medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings talks about taking an idea to the next level.

The impression

Sprint Sr. Vice President, Kim Green-Kerr discusses how to make a good impression during a pitch.

12 tips from the Sprint elevator

  1. Buried in mountains of paper? Switching to digital forms frees you from paperwork.
  2. You have something the big boys wish they had. Agility is your secret weapon.
  3. Take calls from wherever. Move your business phones to the cloud — it’s easy.
  4. Work together, better and faster. Collaboration apps can make your business more agile.
  5. Don’t limit your business to four walls. Make sales anywhere, with a mobile payment solution.
  6. Doing business overseas? Check your global roaming plan before international travel.
  7. Why travel all over to take meetings? Video conferencing can save you time and money.
  8. Cyber threats are a costly reality of doing business. Don’t wait for a security breach to put up your firewalls.
  9. Make sure your growth is sustainable. Expanding too fast can kill your momentum.
  10. What do you want to accomplish right now? Don’t set only long-term goals.
  11. That productivity suite may be a smart move. Collaboration apps can pay for themselves in 7 months.
  12. Find smart ways to buy only what you need. 11% of software spend is associated with underused applications.

Entrepreneurial wisdom to help your business thrive

Get tips, advice and secrets to getting this small business thing right.

How Even the Smallest Startups Can Project a Professional Image

This article presents tips and tools for presenting to the outside world the polished image of an established business — even if you’re a business of one working from your basement.


See how

3 Ideas for Empowering Remote Employees to Be Even More Productive

Working remotely has great benefits for both a small business and its employees. Here are three tools that can make remote workers even better at their jobs.


Get the ideas

3 Smart Things to Know Before Getting Started with AI

Think AI is just for big businesses? Think again. Learn how you can use AI in your small business, some roadblocks to watch out for, and ways to get started.


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